We Are Open For Home Delivery!

Ecomulch Mulch and Soil Products can be delivered
to your driveway Monday through Friday.


We deliver Monday-Friday 7:00 am-4:00 pm (all deliveries are provided by professional drivers to your Home or Job Site.)

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Don’t Forget. For maximum benefit of your Ecomulch colored mulch product, please observe these guidelines:

Dump Bulk Mulch Onto a Tarp

Freshly produced mulches may be subject to colorant wash off, particularly when exposed to heavy rains. The colorant that washes off can stain driveways or yards. It is recommended that bulk mulches be placed on tarpulin to avoid any discoloration to the yard surface.

Wet Surface Before and After

If no tarpaulin is available, we recommend you wet down the driveway or lawn before dumping mulch, and wash the surface off with soap and water after applying the mulch if there is any visible residue.

Avoid Rainy Days

Try to schedule your delivery and application on a day when heavy rains are not expected.

Wear Old Clothing

Wear long sleeves and gloves during application of the mulch.

Turn the Mulch Over Once

At mid-season, turn the mulch over with a rake to expose a different side to the sun and elements. This will freshen up the look of the mulch without requiring additional materials. The standard depth of mulch is 2 inches. You will buy mulch from WCCH by the cubic yard which is 27 cubic feet. Each cubic foot contains 6 square feet of “applicable mulch”. So, a cubic yard contains enough mulch to cover 162 square feet (27 x 6). Take the area you want to cover (length x width), and divide by 162 to see how many cubic yards you need to order. How many feet does 1 cubic yard of mulch cover?

Depth Square feet

  • 1″ 324 sq ft
  • 2″ 162 sq ft
  • 3″ 108 sq ft
  • 4″ 81 sq ft
  • 6″ 54 sq ft

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